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We are confident that becoming part of the REVShare® Network will be an instrumental part of your success, but you don’t need to take our word for it. Here are what some of our long term partners are saying about leveraging us to boost their sales.

Testimonial: LilaMax Media

revnet_Risa-RosenthalBob Morris | COO/Co-Founder

“Since LilaMax Media launched barter license fees with our TV station clients we have seen steady growth on the local client stations side and REVShare®’s revenues have mirrored that growth. REVShares®’ addition of CPM’s coincided with our new relationship and has been a win-win for LilaMax Media and REVShare®.
Your friendly and professional attitude combined with the attention you give LilaMax Media has made the relationship between our two companies be as good as any I have experienced in my more than 28 years in TV syndication. I would categorize your customer service as “World Class”.”

Testimonial: WAXN TV

revnet_Risa-RosenthalBrian Phillippi | WAXN TV

“REVShare® has definitely helped us make extra revenue when we have had extra inventory and the clients usually don’t have many restrictions. If you have extra inventory in places that have ratings, you can make some real money. What I also like is that when inventory gets tight and I’m not able to air them often, I am not harassed to try and clear more.”

Testimonial: A&E Television Networks

revnet_Risa-RosenthalRisa Rosenthal  |   VP, DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING

“REVShare® takes the work out of the Cost-per-Action process. And they run a tight ship that always runs smoothly. Offers and view tapes are sent out electronically in a concise manner each quarter. Accountability for all offers is always readily available on the Internet 24/7. REVShare® has developed a tool to help monetize and enhance the CPA offers. They are the only ones in the industry that I know who offer this. The staff is professional and pro-active and it’s a pleasure to work with them.”

Testimonial: Cox Media - Central Group

revnet_Michael-AlexanderMichael Alexander |   MANAGER OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

“The majority of our total performance-based advertising revenue continues to be earned from REVShare® offers.”

“REVShare® offers, by far, produce more revenue for us than what we receive from other agencies’ DR offers.”

“…you proved to us that we were under-pricing our direct response inventory.”

“You continue to demonstrate what the market will pay for our advertising and we have been able to make better pricing decisions because of this knowledge.”

Testimonial: KWKT FOX 44

revnet_Robin-RiceRobin Rice  |   NATIONAL SALES MANAGER

““…we prefer REVShare® advertising over direct response.”

“We make more money.”

“They are easier to clear due to station rotation and not narrowing time constraints.”

“We have had more success with REVShare® than the direct response in our market.”

Testimonial: Chladek Broadcast Group

revnet_Lenn-CooperLenn Cooper  |   MARKETING DIRECTOR

“…after working with REVShare® for over a year I wanted to let you know that it is always a pleasure working with your staff.”

“You are indeed a class act.”

“…we find that REVShare®’s offers by far produce more revenue for us than what we receive from other offers we air on our stations.”

Testimonial: LeSEA Broadcastings


“…far and away the easiest “CPA Companies” I deal with on a regular basis.”

“Over the years, REVShare® has been a very important part of increased CPA sales on each of the Le SEA Stations.”

“…after the month is done, it’s nice to know payments are turned around very quickly.”

“Another feature I value greatly through REVShare® is the weekly accounting. It’s always there, like clockwork, so I can see what commercials are working for our stations and what commercials are not.”

“ REVShare® is at the top of my list when it comes to looking at companies offering CPA advertising.”