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Short Form CPA

Short Form CPA Model

How Short Form CPA Generates Income for Our Network Members

With more ad dollars shifting to the Internet and other new media, Short Form CPA’s time-tested and proven CPA model brings those valuable ad dollars back to television.

The heart of our program is our Network of more than 1,700 media partners that air Short Form CPA commercials on a CPA basis. We work for each one, making it easy to air high quality offers that deliver premium ROI.

  • We deliver a suite of Short Form CPA commercials uniquely customized to our media partners preferred formats
  • We constantly scour the marketplace for the most profitable offers and most aggressive ROI
  • We test every offer
  • We deliver all of our offers to stations at one time, so it’s easy to program
  • We provide a data driven dashboard to manage station(s) offer performance
  • Short Form CPA guarantees payment

For more than 18 years, we have consistently delivered profitable offers and the easiest form of television CPA management. Our goal is to maximize your commercial time and we take it seriously. It’s time you let us work for you!

How Short Form CPA Measures What We Do

Short Form CPA utilizes a number of proprietary solutions to track and measure where CPA offers work best considering programming, demographic, and daypart variables. Extensive media testing along with airings and response data analysis allow our account representatives to provide you with unparalleled insight and advice to help you better manage your inventory investment and maximize the profitability of airing offers on a CPA basis.

Short Form CPA’s Systems Set the Standard!

As a company that has merged the importance of deep relationships with the power of technology, Short Form CPA thrives on the value of accurate and timely tracking and reporting of your results. Please take a moment to contact Short Form CPA.