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Short Form CPA

Our Model

Proven Success

Over the course of our 23-year history, we’ve built a consolidated and seamless Network delivering results and solving logistical problems of distribution, management and monitoring through proprietary software. In simple terms, one phone call to Short Form CPA lets you work with more than 1,700 outlets that would otherwise be nearly impossible to work with on an individual basis…in a matter of days.


Short Form CPA has developed an easy and automated way for direct clients, agencies, and their advertising clients, to do business with an unlimited number of television properties and actually know what their cost per consumer response will be before making the buy.

Measurable Results

Short Form CPA distributes commercials that engage consumer response through toll free numbers, SMS, promotional codes, and/or web addresses. The cost of media is directly proportional to the level of consumer response. No consumer response, no cost of media. Now that’s accountability.  Define your action, and know your Cost-per-Action (CPA) in advance, making it easier than ever to stay on budget and meet your CPA goals.


Under the hood of Short Form CPA’s model is an incredibly sophisticated system that has fully automated all facets of media management. This ensures that stations are optimizing their investments, while robust reporting solutions allow for measurement of campaign performance to ensure the ability to scale campaigns, leading to higher levels of consumer response and greater brand awareness.