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Short Form CPA

Getting Started

It’s Easy to Revenue Share

Prior to accepting a campaign for distribution, Short Form CPA
will conduct a small market test, on a portion of the Network, before rolling out to all 1,700 media partners. Short Form CPA supports the typical lengths of commercials of 30 and 60 seconds, as well as smaller durations and long form. During the test, the consumer response rates are measured, which in turn helps to determine the resulting Cost-per-Action savings.

We’re Flexible

No matter how your response infrastructure is set up, Short Form CPA has a workable solution for you. Whether the campaign is web-based, text-based or utilizes a toll free number, we can integrate any response solution. We can even support brand vanity websites.

We’ll Guarantee Your Success

The beauty of Short Form CPA’s model is that you only pay on consumer response.  If consumers don’t respond, you don’t pay.  Short Form CPA will guarantee your Cost-per-Action before you make the commitment. And our proprietary Network can deliver more eyeballs from this model than anyone else in the business.

We’re Fast

Once you call Short Form CPA, your offer can be on the air, receiving national exposure, in a matter of days.