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CPA Network

About Our CPA Network

Currently REVShare® delivers relevant and effective DR media to over 111 million English and Spanish households on over 1,700 media properties, continuing to allow REVShare® to be the leader in the industry, as the largest Cost-per-Action advertising network. Our team of seasoned DRTV professionals monitors your lead conversions down to each of our media partners to ensure we provide the highest quality leads for our advertisers.  REVShare®’s footprint of over 1,700 media partners encompasses national networks, syndicators, and local broadcasters.  The daypart breakdown of REVShare®’s delivery is universally spread, keeping overnights to a minimum.  The old notion of CPA delivering the bulk of leads is false when it comes to REVShare®.  We focus in key, targeted dayparts, delivering an unsurpassed level of efficiency to clients in the industry.  When advertising with REVShare® you can experience leads from the top Nielsen ranked DMA’s, reaching over 111 million households.  When it comes to advertising on REVShare®’s Network, we provide solutions that make television CPA campaigns work for you.