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Case Studies

REVShare® provides its national clients with a successful and sizable ad platform for reaching engaging consumers across a variety of industries — Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Club Memberships, E-Commerce, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Healthcare, Home Improvement, Insurance, Legal Services, Non-Profit Organizations, Senior Services, Telecommunications, Travel, and more…

The case studies shared below provide you with a small sample and sneak preview into the success our partners have experienced with REVShare®.  Give REVShare® a call today and join the list – we’ll give your campaign the power and impact it deserves – reaching a much valued engaging audience in scale – easily and efficiently.

Case Study: Travel Services

travel services imageThe beauty of a CPA model is branding that is free of charge!  Clients only pay for results, and when it comes to the travel category, that is no exception. enjoyed the brand awareness REVShare® was able to deliver through the reach and frequency of 1,700 media partners throughout the U.S.

Read the case study here: Travel Services Case Study



Case Study: Major Insurance Provider

Insurance provider imageREVShare® has extensive experience over the years in the insurance category.  Helping deliver leads for advertisers looking to write policies for health, home, auto, and term life insurance.

Read the case study here: Insurance Case Study

Case Study: Legal Services

legal services imageFor over a decade, REVShare® has been on the forefront of many tort litigation advertising campaigns, airing at least 100 different such campaigns over the years.  This experience, along with REVShare®’s network of 1,700 media partners, allows REVShare® to be the leader in CPA advertising for legal advertisers.  REVShare® has the knowledge and understanding of the legal services category, and can quickly and efficiently generate an abundance of quality leads in the legal sector.

Read the case study here: Legal Service Case Study

Case Study: Financial Services

financial services imageFor over ten years, REVShare® has delivered tens of thousands of leads to many advertisers in the financial services category.  This consists of advertisers helping consumers with tax relief, debt consolidation, buying and selling gold, investing in gold, pre-paid debit cards, reverse mortgages, mortgage loans and refinancing, student loans, structured settlements, payday cash advances, and more…

Read the case study here: Financial Services Case Study