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Alternative Platforms

CPA television, on which Short Form CPA was founded, remains the predominant medium of media placements. However, Short Form CPA recognizes Internet and social media networks are important channels of CPA distribution for many clients.  We believe in offering our clients the best of both worlds by providing exceptional knowledge of television advertising as well as Internet, print, mobile, social media, and other various alternative media opportunities.  Alternative media platforms deliver additional sales, lead volume, brand exposure and customer acquisition, which is complimentary to the television campaign, reaching highly engaged consumers. This provides clients with one stop, one source for CPA distribution, allowing clients to only pay for results across the board.

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Alternative Platform: Online Display Ad

With Short Form CPA’s Cost-per-Action Network we have the partnerships with major online publishers to place advertisers’ banner ads.  These banner ads feature a click-through option, allowing consumers to sign up on a lead-form with the information to be contacted directly.  These are engaged consumers who are interested in becoming your next customer.

Alternative Platform: Yellowpages

Advertising in the Yellow Pages is another effective method to generate incremental leads on a CPA basis.  Over the annual commitment, your ad will be distributed in over 100 million books in over 30 U.S. states.

Alternative Platform: Television Guide-Banner

Viewers have the option to interact with banner ads appearing in their guide channels.  Short Form CPA provides the opportunity to target highly engaged consumers with dynamic ads while they are seeking programming.  These ads allow the consumer to click, then view the commercial in its entirety.

Alternative Platform: Static Television Banner Ad

Banner ads are a low cost, yet highly efficient means to generate additional leads.  These ads can air online or television, reaching millions of U.S. viewers.

Alternative Platform: IVR Platform

Television viewers are invited by the program host to call about a show topic, to vote, or play a game.  These participants place the call, casting their vote or opinion, then hear a selection of unique targeted offers from advertisers.  Participants select an offer, are pre-qualified and are then transferred to the client’s call center.  This platform has yielded great results for many advertisers, complimenting the leads received from traditional television advertising.