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Short Form CPA

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Short Form CPA distributes advertisers’ short form CPA commercials across its Network of 1,700 television properties throughout the U.S., including national affiliates, cable systems, and syndicators reaching over 111 million households. Our relationships with these media partners allow us to leverage opportunities to help your company to thrive. Give Short Form CPA a call today and experience the most efficient method to reach U.S. television viewers.

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Our Network of more than 1,700 media partnerships is comprised of local, regional and national cable networks, as well as hundreds of broadcast stations and nationally syndicated programs. Working with Short Form CPA can help you bring coveted ad dollars back to television by monetizing your inventory – off the industry radar and at a rate of return known only to you. It’s never been quicker or easier – with Short Form CPA, it’s a plug-and-play solution to untapped resources for your inventory.

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Proven Success

Over the course of our +25-year history, we’ve built a consolidated and seamless Network delivering results and solving logistical problems of distribution, management and monitoring through proprietary software. In simple terms, one phone call to Short Form CPA lets your commercial air on hundreds of media outlets that would otherwise be nearly impossible to work with on an individual basis… all in a matter of days.